Performance Benchmarks & Audits

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Leadership Role

InfoSizing played key leadership roles in the development of some of the most successful and enduring industry standard benchmarks from the TPC:

As Professional Affiliates of the TPC, InfoSizing continues to be actively involved in the evolution of current benchmarks and the definition of new industry standards.

Auditing Results

The TPC requires that all published benchmark results be independently verified by a TPC Certified Auditor.

InfoSizing is certified to audit TPC benchmarks.

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TPC Certified Auditors

TPC results can only be audited by experts who have, upon completion of a 3-stage auditor certification process, been appointed to that function by the members of the TPC.

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Producing Results

The TPC Certified Auditor can guide you, the test sponsor, through the complex process of producing, auditing and publishing TPC results.

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