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TPC Benchmark Audits

InfoSizing's auditors are certified by the TPC to audit results produced using the TPC benchmark standards. Contact InfoSizing for details on the formal TPC Benchmark audit process.

TPC Auditor Certification Process

TPC Certified Auditors have been granted the authority to provide test sponsors with an attestation of the compliance of their benchmark implementation and results.

TPC results can only be audited by individuals who have completed the TPC's 3-stage auditor certification process.

  • Stage I

    An initial written exam is taken to establish that the candidate auditor has the required basic technical and functional knowledge. The exam, if successful, is followed by an interview to determine the candidate's eligibility to become an apprentice auditor.

  • Stage II

    The apprentice auditor works with a TPC Certified Auditor to gain hands-on experience of the benchmark audit process. This stage ends when the mentor auditor is ready to endorse the apprentice for certification

  • Stage III

    The qualifications of the apprentice auditor are reviewed by an Auditor Certification Board through an interview. The Board decides whether to bring forward to the TPC membership a recommendation to certify the apprentice. This recommendation must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the membership.

Complete details on this process can be found in the TPC Policies.

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