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Benchmark Project Management

Benchmark management is targeted at organizations looking to engage multiple vendors in a competitive benchmarking process for the purpose of selecting the optimal offering.

InfoSizing provides independent consulting on procurement related benchmarking activities for clients in the public and private sector. We focus our expertise on the three success factors of your benchmark project:

  • Benchmark Design

    We bring our expertise to the art and science of building a synthetic workload that captures the most performance critical elements of your real-life application. Read more...

  • Test Management

    We join your team to create and manage a performance testing process that results in a fair and equitable treatment of all platforms. This is a crucial aspect of procurement related activities for clients in the public and private sector.

  • Results Analysis

    We maximize the return on your benchmark investment by applying our rich experience to the analysis of the test results and by helping you draw the most accurate conclusions.

Vendors may tell you that you don't need to benchmark their technology or that their benchmark team will prepare one for you. But expert benchmark management is what will strengthen the integrity of your competitive selection process.

Ensure a successful and balanced product evaluation project with a benchmark expert on your side.

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